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Farewell to Professor Wong

We want to say goodbye and good luck to Professor Pak Kin Wong former Associate Professor in the Department of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering Biomedical Engineering, Agricultural and Bio-systems Engineering, Southwest Environment Health Sciences Center and Bio5 Institute at the University of Arizona. He received his Ph.D. from the University of California, Los Angeles in 2005. He is an editor in IEEE Nanotechnology Magazine and an associate editor in IEEE Transaction on Nanotechnology. He has published 75 peer-reviewed journal articles in the area of nanotechnology and biomedical engineering, and is an inventor of two patents. His current research interest focuses on collective cell migration and point-of-care diagnostics. Among other honors, Dr. Wong was awarded the NIH Director’s New Innovator Award in 2010, Arizona Engineering Faculty Fellow in 2011, AAFSAA outstanding Faculty Award in 2013, and JALA 10 – A top 10 Breakthrough in Innovation in 2014. Dr. Wong has been working at the UA for several years, and now him and his team of graduate students...


Hello students, Hope everyone is enjoying their summer. Just a quick reminder to these scholarships available at

  • USRA presents up to four scholarship awards to undergraduate
    students each fall. Applicants must be full-time undergraduate students
    attending a four year accredited college or university that offers courses
    leading to a degree in science or engineering. Applicants much be within two
    years of earning a B.S. in a field of science and engineering, including life
    science and science education by the time the award is received. To apply, go to
    online application form. The application deadline is July 31, 2015. 
  • ...



Congratulations to all our 2015 graduates at the school of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering. We would also like to give a big hand to all participants in this year's Engineering Senior Design Day. This has truly been a successful year of dedication and hardwork. The student projects were fantastic concepts and designs thanks to the support from our sponsors. 

To see the full list of team participants this year, check out the Senior Design Day booklet

Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering Seniors Dominate the Stage at the Engineering Design Day Awards Ceremony.

Aerospace and
Mechanical Engineering Seniors Dominate the Stage at the Engineering Design Day
Awards Ceremony.

Aerospace Engineer Theodore Von Karman once said, "Scientists
discover the world that exists; engineers create the world that never
was."  Everyone who attended the UA
College of Engineering’s 13th annual Engineering Design Day this
past May would certainly agree.  400 UA engineering seniors on 77
multidisciplinary teams wowed the crowd with a wide range of projects that
showed us pieces of that “world that never was.”

Aerospace Engineering seniors were a force to be reckoned
with, with four Aerospace teams winning top awards, while Mechanical
Engineering seniors helped push 17 other interdisciplinary teams into the
awards spotlight, attesting to the versatility, strength, and applicability of
their skills. 

Aerospace Team 1461
“X-56A DART: Dynamically Scaled Aircraft...

Sabino Canyon's Eye in the Sky

Project Title:
Sabino Canyon VTOL UAV
Team 1463 Members:
Rita Ezeugwu
Nestor Franco
Nicolle Hervey
Youra Jun, Sean
Steven Rishor
Yiming Zhang, (Aerospace Engineering)

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