AME Students Display Design Prowess

Team 15098 presents their big check for Best Engineering Analysis at Design Day 2016With 500 seniors presenting almost 100 projects, UA Engineering Design Day 2016 served up the best of Wildcat ingenuity.

As always, aerospace and mechanical engineering students played a significant role in the event's success.

More than half of the 20 award-winning teams included mechanical engineers. Among them were Team 15023 with Michelle Gutierrez and Justin Javelosa, receiving the first-prize Bly Family Award for Innovation in Energy Production, Supply or Use; and Team 15044 with Austin Nawrocki, receiving the Texas Instruments Analog Design Contest Award.

Mechanical engineering major Brennen Guy also won the first-prize Kristy Pearson Fish Out of Water award, for his work with Team 15030 on Water Processing and Cleaning for Reuse for sponsor Shamrock Foods.

In addition, the all-aerospace engineering Team 15098 won the Arizona Technology Council Foundation Award for Best Engineering Analysis with the project X-56A Aeroelastically Scaled Modular Aircraft for Research. The project was sponsored by AME, and professor Hermann F. Fasel served as their mentor and adviser.

University of Arizona College of Engineering