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Modify Your Flight

Congratulations to our AME Team 1461 for winning the CAID Industries Innovation in Manufacturing Award at Engineering Design Day 2015!

The goal of the project was to design and build a half scaled model of a X-56A Dynamically Scaled Aircraft for Research Testing. The team modified a version of the aircraft with straight wings and a tail that would perform the same as the original swept wing.

Professor Hermann Fasel, an expert in computational fluid dynamics, flow control and aerodynamics, mentored the project from his own research.

“The design project was one of the best experiences I had in the college, because I got to apply what I had learned in class,” said aerospace engineering major Phillip Greenberg. “We had a lot to do, and one of the biggest things I learned was how to communicate a very technical project to people who are not so technically experienced.

“Right now I would be happy to work anywhere I could be innovative for companies in the industry, like Raytheon or Blue Origin.”

Team member Brianna Grembowski will begin her career at Raytheon as a full-time...

Award-Winning Slide Staining

Sometimes trial and error pays off. Ask Team 1427, who took second place in the Raytheon Sensintel Best Overall Design competition at Engineering Design Day 2015.

With off-the-shelf components, Team 1427 developed a more efficient system for microscopic examination of tissue samples. The system allows for testing a sample at three different temperatures.

“The point of thermal control is that instead of running three different tests under three different temperatures, you can run one thermal test across a single microscope,” said team member Chris Sanford.

The project expands on current slide-staining techniques, in which tissue samples are fixed on to a slide using a technique called "heat-fixing." Once that is done, a dye can then be added to stain the sample so that the cells and cell components are easier to view.

Team members, with the help of mentors Chris Donat, Kenyon Kehl and Steven Lei, had several challenges to overcome – like figuring out which materials would make the vest slide base without contaminating the sample.

Marissa Lopez-Pier was in constant...

Safeguarding Aircraft Generators

Congratulations to Team 1420 for winning the Rincon Research Best Presentation Award at Engineering Design Day 2015. The team developed a new type of electromechanical shaft to disconnect an aircraft generator from the engine output in the event of electrical short or bearing failure.

“The purpose is to save the entire generator from complete failure,” said team member Jose Luttmann. Currently, aircrafts do not have such a device. “We’ve been working on this project since last semester from a concept design that we put into practical use.”

“What they have between the aircraft engine and the generator is a called a shear point,” explained team member Ivy Hasman. “The shear point breaks apart the shaft, so that the engine is still spinning with the generator disengaged, but now there is still a broken shaft.”

The new electromechanical shaft disconnect allows the engine to continue providing power to the aircraft without further damaging the generator. The team is confident that their device can be applied to larger aircraft. 

"Because we are students, we were limited to what we can do, but...

Aerospace Engineering Senior Goes to Washington

Austin Smith was one of 40 students in the U.S. selected to attend a national workshop on engineering education. Read more about Austin and the workshop's recommendations to the Transforming Undergraduate Education in Engineering initiative in Arizona Engineer.

Harper Earns Alumni Achievement Award

Gary Harper (Photo by Jacob Chinn/UA Alumni Association)Gary Harper, who received his mechanical engineering degree in 1971, has received the University of Arizona Alumni Association's highest recognition.

Harper has honored his alma mater by reaching pinnacles of success in his 40-year career in the electric utility business, having spent 38 years at Salt River Project in Phoenix. He rose to prominence in the industry, being promoted to various executive positions and managing customer service, distribution, transmission and generation departments for SRP.

Read more about his career, his volunteer service and his impact on the University in UANews.

Donation from Sturm, Ruger & Co. Enhances Machine Shop Offerings

Engineering senior Rolland Prempeh perfects a component for his senior design project on a mill in the AME machine shop A generous gift of more than $200,000 worth of machining tools from Sturm, Ruger & Co. will bolster the creative capacities and first-hand knowledge of College of Engineering students, most of whom use the the Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering Instrument Shop for their senior design projects.

As aerospace engineering student Rolland Prempeh said, "The machine shop is the heartbeat of our department." 

Read more about the donation, the shop and AME's outstanding technical staff in Arizona Engineer. 

Mahadevan to Present Kececioglu Lecture

In a tribute to Dimitri Kececioglu's lifetime achievement in the field of reliability, Sankaran Mahadevan will present "Uncertainty Quantification and Decision-Making for Engineering System Reliability" on Friday, March 27, 2015, at 2 p.m. in AME S212.

At Vanderbilt University, Mahadevan currently serves as John R. Murray Sr. Chair in Engineering; professor of civil and environmental engineering; professor of mechanical engineering; director of the NSF-IGERT Doctoral Program in Reliability and Risk Engineering and Management; and co-director of the Laboratory for System Integrity and Reliability.

Please RSVP to

Probing the Powers of Graphene with Qing Hao

Portrait of Qing HaoAssistant professor Qing Hao was awarded a prestigious Young Investigator Award from the Air Force Office of Scientific Research for his explorations of the applications of graphene in the Nano-Electronics and Advanced Materials Lab. 

 Learn more about Hao's remarkable journey to UA, and what properties of graphene he plans to research with the grant, in Arizona Engineer.


Madenci Named ASME Fellow

Portrait of Erdogan MadenciThe American Society of Mechanical Engineers has named professor Erdogan Madenci a fellow, its highest level of distinction for members.

Read more in Arizona Engineer about the research in peridynamics that earned him the honor.


Joint Professor Named da Vinci Fellow

Associate professor Wolfgang Fink, who holds joint appointments in electrical and computer engineering, biomedical engineering, and aerospace and mechanical engineering, was selected as the College of Engineering's 2015 da Vinci Fellow. Read more about the many accomplishments of this "Renaissance man" in Arizona Engineer.


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