Fall 2016 Events


AME Seminars

All seminars take place on Thursdays at 4 p.m. in AME S212.

Aug. 25
"Micro Aerial Vehicles Project" (PDF)
Sergey Shkarayev

Sept. 1
"Spacecraft Control Using Fractional and Delayed Feedback on Lie Groups" (PDF) 
Eric Butcher 

Sept. 8
"Multilength-Scale Electrothermal Simulations of Ga-N-Based High Electron Mobility Transistors" (PDF) 
Qing Hao 

Sept. 15
"Active Control of Flow Separation from Various Configurations" (PDF) 
Israel J. Wygnanski

Sept. 22
"Acoustic Source Localization in an Anisotrophic Plate Without Knowing Its Material Properties" (PDF)
Won Hyun Park 

Sept. 29
"Topics in Space Situational Awareness and SmallSat Mission Design" (PDF)
David E. Gaylor 

Oct. 6
"Fractional-Order Viscoelastic Models in Impact Problems" (PDF)
Arman Dabiri 

Oct. 13
"Aviation and Medicine: Similarities and Lessons" (PDF)
Steven Barker

Oct. 20
"Kinetic Fluctuations and Their Role in Laminar-Turbulent Transition of Boundary-Layer Flows" (PDF)
Anatoli Tumin 

Oct. 27
"Microengineered Culture Substrates for Systematic Probing of Cardiac Myocyte Function" (PDF)
Nima Jamilpour 

Nov. 3
"Paths to Multiple Scattering" (PDF)
Jerry Tessendorf 

Nov. 10
"An Online Hip Fracture Risk Calculator Based on the Fusion of Clinical and Computational Data" (PDF)
Samy Missoum

Nov. 17
"A Model of Droplet Dispersion in a Turbulent Couette Flow" (PDF)
Dmitry Eskin 

Dec. 1
"Development and Analysis of a Vibrotactile-Stimulation-Based Human-in-the-Loop Control System for Object Orientation Purposes" (PDF)
Zoltan Szabo 


Oct. 29
Haunted Homecoming Tailgate
4 p.m., UA Mall
RSVP requested.

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