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Welcome to UA College of Engineering!

The College of Engineering was founded when the University of Arizona opened its doors in 1885. At the time mining was the bedrock of Arizona’s economy, and an education in mining engineering was a top priority – indeed, it still is.

As the state’s economy grew and diversified, the College continued to play a pivotal role in providing the research and engineering expertise necessary for future development.

In today’s competitive environment, graduates of the College become entrepreneurs, developing new high-tech products for companies that are creating jobs and improving our quality of life. An engineering education will provide the research to build new industries and the knowledge for those who run them.

We’re located in Tucson, Arizona, in the beautiful Arizona-Sonoran Desert. The College of Engineering has seven departments and offers 12 graduate degree programs. On behalf of our faculty and staff, welcome to the University of Arizona. 



University of Arizona College of Engineering