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Graduation Checklists

  • MS Students (DOC)
  • MS-to-PhD Students (PDF)
  • BS-to-PhD Students (PDF)
  • GradPath
    • All graduate students must submit the Responsible Conduct of Research Statement before any other forms can be completed. 
    • Students wishing to apply transfer coursework from other institutions to their graduate career must submit a Transfer Credit Form. Transfer coursework must be submitted for evaluation before the end of the student’s first year in residence for a preliminary approval process. If you have previously submitted a Transfer Credit Form via GradPath, the Plan of Study form will allow you to submit these preapproved courses to your adviser for approval to be applied toward your graduate career. 

Application for TA-Graders-GTS Positions

To apply for departmental funding in the form of teaching assistantships, graderships and tuition waivers, please submit the AME TA-Gradership-GTS application to the Graduate Administrative Associate in Room N712:

Please note that all teaching assistants must complete the following trainings before beginning their duties:

  1. Graduate Assistants in Teaching Orientation, or GATO: All new graduate teaching assistants must complete GATO, a three-hour, in-person training provided through the Graduate College. This training is required only once during each student’s graduate career. 
  2. Teaching Assistant Training Online, or TATO: An online training module about teaching and learning available through D2L. All TAs must pass the module "Staying Out of Trouble: UA Policies" with a score of 95 percent or higher no later than two weeks after the start of classes.

English Proficiency Requirement: International students applying for teaching assistant positions should have completed the iBT internet-based TOEFL with a Speaking subtest score of 24. Students who have not obtained a score of 24 or higher on the TOEFL Speaking subtest must have their English speaking and comprehension skills evaluated by an AME departmental committee. These evaluations take place once a semester, typically within the first two weeks.

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