Kerschen Honored for Graduate Teaching and Mentorship

Professor Edward J. KerschenThe UA Graduate College has named longtime professor of aerospace and mechanical engineering Edward J. Kerschen a 2017 recipient of its Graduate Teaching and Mentoring Award.

Kerschen came to the University of Arizona from General Electric in 1981 and was named a full professor in 1998. Since 2000, he's taught the graduate-level courses AME 536A/B: Fundamentals of Fluid Mechanics and AME 639: Aeroacoustics, among others.

"His way of delivering lectures inspired me to take up the challenge and rise up to his level," wrote nominator Harshad Kalyankar, an aerospace engineering master's degree student. He also noted Kerschen's willingness to meet with students at length, which "displayed his commitment and priority to students above his research and other tasks."

Kerschen's concern for his students was frequently mentioned by his nominees, as was his penchant for using classroom debates as a learning experience.

"He has created an environment where students are not just beings that move through the motions on the way to completing a degree, but people to be valued and respected, and their achievements in that process celebrated. His actions have not only improved my knowledge and skill as an academic and a researcher, but his words have left indelible marks upon my mind which I will no doubt share with others as I continue on my own path," offered AME graduate student Kevin Ferguson.

As aerospace engineering PhD student Ying Fang said, "Kerschen is one of the best professors I have ever met in my life. ... It has been a pleasure working with him."

The Graduate Teaching and Mentoring Award is presented annually to UA faculty and professionals who excel in their teaching and mentoring of graduate and professional students. Award recipients will be honored during the Awards of Distinction Reception and Ceremony in the spring.

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