Spring 2016 Events


AME Seminars

All seminars take place on Thursdays at 4 p.m. in AME S212.

Jan. 21
"Level Set Methods for Multicomponent Compressible Fluids: Shock-Induced Instabilities" (PDF)
Antonio Marquina 

Jan. 28
"Space Object Behavioral Sciences" (PDF)
Moriba Jah

Feb. 4
"GPU Accelerated Study of Heat Transfer and Fluid Flow by Lattice Boltzmann Method on CUDA" (PDF)
Qinlong Ren

Feb. 11
"Dynamic Soaring of Unmanned Air Vehicles" (PDF)
Jeffrey H. Koessler

Feb. 25
"A Locally Stabilized Higher-Order Immersed Boundary Method and Its Application to NASA Relevant Flow Problems" (PDF)
Christoph Brehm

March 3
"Resonances and Chaos in Earth Satellite Orbits" (PDF)
Aaron Rosengren

March 10
"Turbine Blade Cooling Using Coulomb Repulsion and Radiation Theory of a Low-NOx Combustor" (PDF)
Robert Breidenthal

March 17
"High Order Methods Applied to Space Situational Awareness" (PDF) 
Roberto Armellin

March 24
"Fast-Response Pressure-Sensitive Paint" (PDF)
James Gregory

March 31
"Navigation Safety for Autonomous Vehicles" (PDF)
Mathieu Joerger

April 7
"A Model Problem for Supersonic Jets from a Moon" (PDF)
Hans G. Hornung 

April 28
"Constitutive Modeling of Soft Materials: The Computational Approach" (PDF) 
Francisco J. Monta╠üns 

Research Presentations

March 22
"Crossflow Instability Experiments in a Hypersonic Wind Tunnel"
S. Alex Craig
4 p.m., AME S212

March 29
"Verification and Validation of Adaptive Flight Control Systems" (PDF)
Tansel Yucelen
4 p.m., AME S212 

April 15

"Flight Control Research for Improving Safety of Operations in Manned and Unmanned Vertical Lift Aircraft" (PDF)
Christina Ivler
4 p.m., AME N715

Sears Lecture

Feb. 18
"The Evolution of Winglets to the Max"
Robert D. Gregg III
4 p.m., AME S212 

Kececioglu Lecture

April 14
"Frontiers in Risk and Reliability Research"
Mohammad Modarres
4 p.m., AME S212 


May 13
AME Pre-Commencement Ceremony
10 a.m., Social Sciences 100 (1145 E. South Campus Drive)

UA Commencement Celebration
7:30 p.m., Arizona Stadium


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