Spring 2017 Events


AME Seminars

All seminars take place on Thursdays at 4 p.m. in AME S212.

Jan. 19
"A Suggestion on How Calculus Should be Presented to Engineers" (PDF)

Barry D. Ganapol
The University of Arizona 

Jan. 26
"Peridynamic Modeling of Fiber-Reinforced Composites with Polymer and Ceramic Matrix" (PDF)

Yile Hu
PhD Candidate
The University of Arizona 

Feb. 2
"Laminar-Turbulent Boundary-Layer Transition on a Flared Cone at Mach 6" (PDF)

Christoph Hader
PhD Candidate
The University of Arizona 

Feb. 9
"Water in the Brain" (PDF)

Dr. Rein Anton
Assistant Professor of Clinical Surgery
The University of Arizona 

Feb. 16
"Assessing Upper-Extremity Motion: An Innovative Method to Identify Frailty and Low Functional Capacity in Older Adults" (PDF)

Nima Toosizadeh
Assistant Professor of Medicine and Biomedical Engineering
The University of Arizona 

Feb. 23
"Unsteady Features of Canonical Turbulent Shock-Boundary Layer Interactions" (PDF)

James Threadgill
Postdoctoral Researcher
The University of Arizona 

March 2
"A Theoretical Prediction Method for Trapped Mode Flow-Acoustic Resonances in a Wind Tunnel with a Side Cavity" (PDF)

Ying Fang
PhD Candidate
The University of Arizona 

March 9
"Orbital Debris: A Solution" (PDF)

Kumar Ramohalli
Professor Emeritus
The University of Arizona 

March 16
11 a.m.*, AME S212
"Systems Science, Engineering and Systems Design, and Design of Engineering Material Systems Programs at the National Science Foundation" (PDF)

Richard Malak
Director of ESD, SYS and DEMS Programs
National Science Foundation

*Note special time.

March 23
"On Controlling the Flow in a Turbulent Mixing Layer Downstream of a 'Ʌ' Notch" (PDF)

Emile Suehiro
PhD Candidate
The University of Arizona

April 6
"Estimation of Spacecraft Relative Motion: Kalman Filtering, Nonlinear Observability, Ambiguous Orbits and Consensus Strategy" (PDF)

Jingwei Wang
PhD Candidate
The University of Arizona

April 11*
4 p.m., AME S212
"Improving Combustion Design: Challenges and the Future" (PDF)

Nicholas Tsolas
Postdoctoral Associate
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

*Note special date.

April 13
"Probabilistic Multiscale Fatigue Damage Prognosis of Engineering Materials and Structures" (PDF)

Yongming Liu
Associate Professor
Arizona State University

April 18*
4 p.m., AME S212
"Fluid-Structure Interaction of Plates and Shells in Axial Flow" (PDF)

Eleanora Tubaldi
PhD Candidate
McGill University

*Note special date.

April 20
"Tools for Physical Human-Machine Intelligence" (PDF)

Paul Reverdy
Postdoctoral Fellow
University of Pennsylvania

*Note special date.

April 27
"Hybrid Control and Estimation for Space Missions" (PDF)

Bharani Prabha Malladi
PhD Student
The University of Arizona

Kececioglu Lecture

March 30
"Developments of Reliability-Based Design Optimization and Confidence-Based Uncertainty Quantification and Reliability Assessment"

Kyung K. Choi
Roy J. Carver Professor of Mechanical Engineering
The University of Iowa 

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