Three AME Faculty Awarded Nearly $2M in Navy Grants

Professors Stuart A. Craig, Hermann Fasel and Antoli TuminNearly $2 million in grants were awarded this week to AME faculty by the U.S. Office of Naval Research. Congratulations to the following principal investigators:

Stuart A. Craig
Project: "Nonlinear Interaction Between First and Mack-mode Instabilities in High-Supersonic Flows"
Amount: $559,180

Hermann Fasel
Project: "Numerical Investigations of the Nonlinear Transition Stages in Hypersonic Boundary Layers for Navy-Relevant Mach Numbers and Model Geometrics"
Amount: $484,995

Anatoli Tumin
Project: "Real Gas Effects on Sound Radiation by Unstable Modes in Hypersonic Boundary Layers"
Amount: $933,620

University of Arizona College of Engineering