Undergraduate Research Opportunities

Research Opportunities

The following projects are available to undergraduate students interested in research experience. The project adviser can award financial support, when available, or academic credit under AME392 or AME492. Interested students should contact the adviser directly.

Current Projects

Microrobotic Drug Delivery System
Project Adviser: Eniko T. Enikov (enikov@email.arizona.edu)

This project applies microtechnology to targeted drug delivery. In the core of the project is a ferromagnetic microstructure (skeleton), which carries a biocompatible coating containing a drug. Student researchers design and assemble the "microrobot" from individually fabricated parts. Subsequently, the assembled device is passed through a dual capillary manifold, encapsulating it in a drug-containing shell.

Advanced International Studies in Micro- and Nanomechanics
Project Adviser: Eniko T. Enikov (enikov@email.arizona.edu)

This project provides travel stipends for U.S. students to spend one semester in Europe (Budapest, Hungary, or Bratislava, Slovakia). Students choosing to participate in this project will take courses (required or elective) and participate in research on micro- and nanotechnology. For more information, visit the Advanced Micro and Nanosystems Laboratory website.

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