Victory Is Sweet at Hack Arizona 2016

A laser drone-control device that can be mounted on the head won Hack Arizona’s best hardware award.Competitors from the College of Engineering swept the top awards at Hack Arizona 2016 – and of course AME students were among them.

Aerospace engineers Kameron Mensing, Arek Rembelski and Abhishek Rane helped build Oculus Rift Controlled Laser Turret, which took the best hardware award. Using a virtual reality program and parts made from a 3-D printer in the library, their team designed a device that emits laser beams to control drones in the sky.

Mechanical engineering major Davis McGregor worked on Mini Midi Recyclable, which won the sustainability prize. Made from leftover aluminum cans, an Arduino microcontroller and stickers handed out by sponsors, the project emits musical tones when touched.

Read more about the three-day hackathon in Arizona Engineer.

University of Arizona College of Engineering